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PetSafe Simply Clean Litterbox

This litterbox can be found here on Amazon.

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I bought my cats one of these litter boxes about a year ago. It didn’t last. But let me explain…

I have no doubt that this is a very good litter box. It worked very well at first, and once they got over the sheer terror of the thing they used it happily. The problem was, I followed the company’s directions.

In all of the literature and instructions that came with it in the box, and online, the manufacturer repeatedly tells you to use “premium litter.” I took that to mean something along the lines of Fresh Step or Tidy Cats. By the time we realized our mistake it was too late and the litter box was ruined, destroyed. See, both Fresh Step and Tidy Cats made a sort of mud instead of tight clumps. That gummed up the conveyor. Remarkably, it didn’t burn out the motor (which was the chief concern I saw in reviews before I bought it). What it did do was bend and twist the little teeth at the onramp of the clump conveyor, making it stop picking anything up and thus rendering the whole thing worthless.

Now I know what you’re thinking… why wouldn’t you just save the money and get a regular box? I struggled with my decision to spend that money for a while before finally pulling that buy trigger. I’m disabled. I have a condition known as POTS (among others but that’s for another time) which stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. What happens is, when I lean over to scoop the box, my heart rate skyrockets and my blood pressure plummets. I get a little fuzzy and then I pass out. Not good. Especially when I’m alone at home so much. So, this thing was supposed to help me by doing the scooping for me. So all I’d have to do is grab the full bag, tie it up and toss it in the garbage.

Sounds great right? We found the best litter to use in it was the HEB brand litter (not premium) but not before the box was destroyed. It was sad, and I probably won’t buy another one, but lesson learned.

There were a few other issues we ran into, that aren’t as big – mainly piddly little gripes like: the collar on the top of the bowl wouldn’t stay put, the bin didn’t stay put and kept turning the whole thing off, the bowl was a little small and shallow and we have some real litter kickers… So, not huge stuff.

I do recommend it for 1-3 cats and only if you use tightly clumping litter so you don’t destroy the conveyor with “litter mud.” Yeah, I have more cats than that but we trialed it in my bedroom where I have two segregated cats full time and one comes in every once in a while to eat and get cuddles.

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